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Income and Expense Tracking

You can track your income and expenses. You can easily create recurring expenses with the startup wizard.

Simple Stock Tracking

Your stocks are under control, where do you buy a product and how much you sell it. Simple Stock tracking.

Check-Voucher Tracking

You can keep track of your received and issued checks or bills. You can receive partial payment from Check-Notes.

Invoice and Waybill

If you do not use electronic invoices, you can cut them in printed invoices.

Personnel Movements

You can simply track your staff's salaries, paid and unpaid leave entitlements.

Payment Tracking

With our start-up wizard, you can define all your payments to the system within minutes.

Job Calendar

You can organize the delivery time of your sales in the business calendar, you can deliver on time.

Profit Analysis

You can make profit analysis on the basis of sales, offers or months. Keep a close watch on your sales.

Installment Sales Tracking

Can follow up installments. Delayed installments report, future installments report, You can create a shipping plan.

E-Commerce Integration

Your orders are automatically recorded in the pre-accounting program and you can invoice them with a single click.

It comes free of charge in our e-commerce systems and all our packages.

Turkey's E-commerce They Preferred Its Infrastructure!

Leading businesses in their sectors have entrusted their e-commerce sites to iSoft Shop. We continue to develop while our businesses are looking at their business

iSoft Shop Marketplace Integrations

Warehouse stock tracking, Pre-accounting, E-transformation package all together with iSoft Shop. 


With our SIGNATURE BOX product, the marketplaces are on a single screen

E-commerce All orders made through our system İMZABOX It is our system that provides instant data flow for your orders from other marketplaces. 

All your orders İMZABOX From the moment it comes to the screen, you can perform your pre-accounting and E-Invoice transactions. It is our cloud-based solution. 

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Frequently Asked E-Commerce Questions

About iSoft Shop Smart E-Commerce Systems.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is the exchange of products and services over the internet. This way of shopping is known for its convenience to human life. 

Are There Annual Renewal Fees?

Yes. Your e-commerce site is contracted annually. Annual renewal fees vary according to each package. 

Is it Mobile and Tablet Compatible?

You will have a mobile compatible e-commerce site. All designs of our e-commerce packages and User Panels are designed responsively.

Is Multi-Language Support Available?

Unlimited Language Support Ip Based Automatic Language Detection Product Category Language Support Search Engines You can create separate indexes for each language in the e-commerce site.

Are Multiple Currencies Available?

Yes, Multi-Currency Support such as Dollars, Euros, etc. You are in a position ready for sale in any country of the world. Our system is T.C. It pulls up-to-date data from the central bank.

Is My E-commerce Site SEO Compliant?

Yes, Multi-Currency Support such as Dollars, Euros, etc. You are in a position ready for sale in any country of the world. Our system is T.C. It pulls up-to-date data from the central bank.

Can I transfer my products to Excel?

If you want, you can prepare your products as a PDF catalog (excel) You can import or export the products you have prepared in the table.

Can I Manage My Multiple Store?

You Can Manage More Than 1 Web Site In One Panel
You can manage multiple stores and your Products from a different domain from an admin interface. 

Can I Determine Customer Roles?

You can seperate your manager, dealer, visitor or wholesaler customer groups and assign them by determining the commission rate you want.